Our mission

We do not exclude, we invite.

We are convinced of the positive physical, mental and social effects of running. We want to make sure absolutely everyone is able to enjoy this. The enthusiasm of running is as contagious to runners as well as non-runners: supporters, friends, family, accidental encounters… everyone touched by running in some shape or form. We therefor do not focus on the runners solely, but on ensuring everyone has a great day.

We aim to be inclusive. Primo, we don’t call ourself a competition - running can be a competition but it doesn’t have to be.

We launch initiatives to reach individuals who might not normally feel the appeal of running events or who, unintentionally, are excluded from them. We do not exclude, we invite.

We believe that the added value our event contributes to society in fact largely compensates our footprint, which of course we keep as minimal as possible.

We want to make the world a better place by inspiring everyone to invest in physical activity.

Our actions

  • We plan activities for both supporters, friends and family. Click here for more info.
  • People with financial difficulties can enjoy an 80% discount with UiTPAS. Click here for more info.
  • G-sporters can enrol in with their running companion(s). Click here for more info.
  • Does your organisation or club aim at reaching out to deprived groups in society? Contact us here and we will look into how we can help you with enrolling in the ABSoluut Gent 10 Mijl.
  • To budding runners who can use some extra support or runners who feel more motivated by running in group, we offer free group coaching via Club365. Click here for more info.