ABSoluut Gent 10 Mijl supports Ghent-based organisations who share our mission of ensuring absolutely everyone can take part in sports.

The proceeds of our breakfast boxes go to these charities:


Sportaround, an enthusiastic organisation that aims at including everyone in sports. This Ghent-based not-for-profit wants to offer kids every chance to grow via sports. More info:


4Brain is a non-profit organization that aims to inform a broad public on how to maintain a healthy brain, to raise awareness on brain disorders and to help preserve quality of life in patients with brain disorders.

UZ Gent Kankerfonds and CRIG Fund

The UZ Gent Kankerfonds and the CRIG Fund respectively collect funds to further improve supportive care and support for patients and to support cancer research in Ghent. Thanks to the strengthening effect between the two funds, we can stimulate collaboration between care providers and researchers and we succeed in translating cancer research into innovative and warm care. More info : and